Monday, 17 May 2010



One doesn't like to crow, but really who hasn't cheered and whooped with delight that Balls and Badders Education Bill has been filed carefully away in a Westminster Wheelie Bin!

I strongly suspect Balls will shortly drop any and all involvement with education quicker than you can say, "Who ate all the pies!"

It was a means to an end. Something along the lines of "Look how tough I can be to drive policy through. Wouldn't I make an ideal choice for Labour leader...."

And you know what? I think he'll be an EXCELLENT choice for Labour leader. That should set the capstone on any chance whatsoever of a Labour victory for the foreseeable future and protect the rights of home edders for a very long time. In other words, I would think Balls was totally unelectable as Prime Minister!

How popular is he at Westminster? Well, my sources tell me that he was half choking on a large mouthfull of cake a little while ago and MPs of all parties were queueing up around the block to whack him on the back.... some of them brought clubs....

And as for Badders? I still bear the man no personal animosity whatsoever. I've poked fun, but I don't think I've ever been malicious. I just think its time he faced facts. Your educational beliefs belong to a previous era, Graham. I think it's pipe and slippers time, I honestly do.

So - to my readers and followers, many thanks for your very kind comments. I hope first and foremost that I made you smile and for those with a vested political interest (you know who you are), I hope I made you think.

So now its goodbye from me.... and thank God, its goodbye from them!